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Photos by Grace Dickinson

  Grace Dickinson, a native of the Glen Lake area, began photographing at a young age as she accompanied her father Fred Dickinson over the dunes.  She learned her father's techniques both with the camera and in the darkroom, as well as the art of hand coloring the black and white photos. They also shared the same eye for composition and a love for Leelanau County and The Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Today she continues to operate the Dickinson Photo Gallery in its same historic location on the south side of Little Glen Lake offering both historic and modern day photography for sale. 

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All photos ©Dickinson Photo Gallery

  Fred W. Dickinson standing at the Sleeping Bear formation, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan Ghost Forest on the Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan Bettle and Ant on Dandelion, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan
    gd2283 **   gd2483   gd2456
South Fox Island in the Manitou Passage on Lake Michigan Sleeping Bear Dunes, Sand cherry plant Sleeping Bear Point, where an old lighthouse and life saving station once stood, Lake Michigan On top of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, looking out over Lake Michigan
  gd2392   gd2454   gd2436 **   gd0001
  Glen Lake, Michigan Ghost forrest on top of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan Frankfort Lighthouse, Lake Michigan
    gd2446   gd2463   jd2461
**hand colored photo The technique of hand coloring was widely used in previous years. The same process was also used in tinting/hand coloring high school senior pictures. The paint is transparent and oil based. The colors are applied to the black and white photograph with cotton and blended over the image without obscuring the image. The detail work in small area is done photo colored pencils. Hand colored landscape photos have a pleasing effect with its muted shades of color.
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